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We learned our craft after working many years at the venerable Montreal bagel bakeries, Real Bagel, Fairmount and St.Vaiteur. Our bagels are made using the same simple ingredients-water,yeast, flour, sugar, eggs, and oil-no shortening. They are hand-rolled and boiled in honey-water to provide a crunchy-sweet exterior and baked a wood oven fuelled by maple.

We continued learning the craft of authentic Montreal-style bagels. After long discussion, we had decided to introduce the hidden jewel to Ontarians.

Old Bagel House

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Regular Bagels

The regular bagel inside is thick, chewy, and doughy, with a caramelised and sometimes crunchy outside.Bagels are often topped with seeds baked into the outer crust, the most common of which being poppy and sesame seeds.Some are dusted with salt, and there are many kinds of dough, including whole-grain and rye.

Flavored Bagels

flavoured bagels are wonderful and all, but there are times when you simply need the plain old fashioned kind.A bagel’s basic perfection, with its crispy outside and chewy interior, takes centre stage, or you may use the plain bagel as a blank canvas to add toppings such as cream cheese and butter.

Mixed Bagels

This spice blend is aesthetically appealing since it contains a combination of black sesame seeds and white sesame seeds; Poppy seeds are added for crunch. Dried minced garlic and onion — these ingredients provide a strong garlicky and onion taste.

Mini Bagels

In a hurry? Bite into a Mini bagel. The smaller version of the bagel is circle-shaped bread that is boiled and baked. Chef-made mini-bagels are offered. Healthy sandwiches are delicious when made with little bagels. Using hummus to top a whole-wheat bagel with vegetables is a great way to create.

Twister Bagels

Bagels made in New York are larger, more doughy, and fluffier than bagels made in Montreal. Twisters are made by manually spiraling the dough; the dough is physically twisted before the loop is closed to create the bagel shape. As a consequence, the cooked bagels come apart in lovely tiny pieces when they are cut open.


A buttered bagel counts as a sandwich since it needs someone to slice it and put some ingredient in the middle. A sandwich is a kind of cuisine that consists of two slices of bread with a filling sandwiched in between them


What People are Saying

"Oh yesh!!!… to be a real bagel you must be boiled then baked in a wood fired oven, that’s exactly what they do here, and it’s awesomely dense and chewy without too much of a crust. I had an everything with smoked salmon , cream cheese , capers and red onions ❤️❤️❤️. I used to order bagels from Montreal, but these are every bit as good"
"Great bagels. They are reminiscent of the bagels you get in Mile End in Montreal. We go for the standards, sesame seed and poppy seed but also enjoy the caraway. They also have a variety of cream cheeses that compliment the bagels quite nicely. They serve a number of breakfast dishes as well. Highly recommended! "

“Sean McCormack”

"First time visiting and we'll be back for sure. We got the club sandwich on both the Only Onion and Jalapeño bagels and swapped half for half.
Liked it so much we got a ½ dozen to go of the same kinds as well as a tub of both the jalapeño cream cheese and the dill cream cheese. Second photo is having it for breakfast at home with some tomato. Delicious even 2 days later!"

"Stephen H"

"Amazing and authentic bagels. Completely dunks on The Great Canadian Bagel. The service was slow and ordering was confusing but I chalk that up to being open a short amount of time. I will probably update to five stars when I definitely revisit in the coming weeks!"

T Cro

"Super friendly staff. So glad to have a Montreal style bagel shop in my neighborhood! (Helps with the sting of losing London Ice Cream company in the hood 🙁
Decided to start with sesame. They didn’t disappoint. Crusty exterior and warm soft inside. They’ll let u grab whatever just came out of the oven too…and yeah, it’s a real brick wood oven. I will be a regular.

“Cauta Pacea”

"I have been waiting for a Montreal Style bagel place in London since I moved here and I'm so excited that they opened today and only half a km from my home. My first impressions are that they are VERY polite, accommodating and friendly. The prices are competative and you can smell the fresh bagels baking in the wood ovens. Anyone who has gone to St-Viateur or the Byward Market in Ottawa know the joy of a warm, fresh Montreal style bagel.

The man I spoke to, I believe he spelled his name Amen, was very nice and I was happy to hear his plans to support the community he is in. For example, he wants to send some of his product to the local food bank to support those who can't afford to buy his product.

I just bit into my first bagel from there, a sesame bagel lightly toasted with butter and found it slightly chewy, slightly smokey, slightly sweet just like a proper Montreal bagel should be. It might be a bit lighter than I'm used to but everyone does it a bit differently. They are very tasty and I will definitely go back. I look forward to this being one of my regular hangouts.

“Carmi Levy”

"We’re so glad the Old Bagel House is now open in London! We dropped in for the first time today, and the staff were so kind! The bagels and other treats are fantastic, and I admit many were eaten in the car on the way home. We’re originally from Montreal, and this place is an incredible piece of home. We’ll be back. Often."

"The Tuna Tuesdays EOAsh"

We wanted to thank you again for the donation of Bagels on Monday for Tuna Tuesday EOAsh for the homeless and hungry.

We added cream cheese to the bagels and gave them out yesterday, what a special treat! People were so thankful for something they won’t usually have access to. Most weeks we see between 60 – 120 people and try to have 2 or 3 choices for them. We mentioned your support and already people are looking forward to next Tuesday.

We took a few pictures while we were there and we have shared on our Facebook accounts and have many likes and comments. As well on our Westmount Neighbourhood Connection (in London Ontario) Facebook. These neighbourhood groups are great to join as people are positive and always looking for new places to try within their community. Most areas in London have these neighbourhood pages, Byron and Lambeth would also be good, all in the west end.

When we were there we mentioned The Londoner, local mini newspaper and we will try to bring you for you when we come in on Monday. We are seeing your FB ads and it looks great. There is also the London Economic Development Corporation here that helps business and may be able to help you with information on getting new customers etc. There website is ledc.com

We so appreciate your support and we are looking forward to picking up the day old bagels on Monday and of course having breakfast or lunch so we can continue trying more and more of your delicious bagels and treats.

Thanks again,
The Tuna Tuesdays EOAsh team

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