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What People are Saying

Ray R

"I am reluctant to give this place a good review because it will get busier than it already is. But I've never had a better bagel except for when I was in Montreal."
"First time here, I got the Montreal smoked meat and my gf got the salmon. Both were good and the begals were delicious. Would recommend to anyone looking for a quick bite or restocking their bagels at home. "

“Sheila Ayers”

"Amazing Montreal style bagels. You can call ahead to order and pick up. Or pop into store. Follows very strict covid19 guidelines."

"Paul S (BOUL0S)"

"Ordered breakfast bagel and BLT. They were delicious. I’m from MTL and it’s hard to find great bagels. This will definitely be my spot."

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235 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga
ON L5G 1G8, Canada
Call: (905) 891-9696
Message Us: info@oldbagelhouse.com


ON L9H 4H6, Canada
Call: (905) 627-5299
Message Us: info@oldbagelhouse.com

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